I currently (Spring 2018) teach Pedagogical Grammar, a course designed to help future ESL/EFL teachers navigate the intricacies of the English grammar and learn the non-boring and effective ways of teaching grammar. During the Fall semester I taught Second/Foreign Language Learning, which is an introductory course of second language acquisition for undergraduates who aspire to become ESL/EFL teachers or are generally interested in linguistics and languages.

For two years, I taught Elementary Russian I and II at MSU. It was a technologically enhanced course based on the brand new online textbook “Mezhdu Nami” which allowed me to teach communicatively, flip the instruction to a large extent (my then-supervisor, Dr. Shannon Spasova, is an amazing material developer), and apply the principles of task-based language teaching in the classroom. I have also published a review of the textbook in “Language Learning & Technology” (Vol. 21, #1).

I also taught pedagogical grammar online at MSU and various EFL, ESP (English for Specific Purposes) and Russian as a second language courses back in Russia. I also developed materials and workbooks, some of which are still actively used by my colleagues at the Petersburg State Transport University.

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